When a supernatural pocket of winter appears in the
Border Wood near the village of Heldren, our heroes are
sent to investigate, and to find and rescue a traveling
aristocrat apparently kidnapped by bandits in the wood.
At the center of the winter pocket, our heroes discover
the source of the unseasonable weather: a magic portal
leading to the frozen land of Irrisen, far to the north. But
they soon realize that the threat endangers more than
just Heldren when a dying horseman comes through the
portal—the Black Rider, the last survivor of Baba Yaga’s
Three Riders. He charges our heroes with finding Baba Yaga
to stop Queen Elvanna from spreading Irrisen’s eternal
winter over all of Golarion.

Driven by the need to save their homeland and
compelled to act by the witchcraft of the Black Rider,
our heroes cross into Irrisen through the open portal.
Our heroes have the opportunity to befriend the peasants
of the village of Waldsby, but also make powerful enemies
as well—for the White Witch who rules the region, Nazhena
Vasilliovna, is also responsible for creating the winter
portal in Taldor. The heroes journeyed to the White
Witch’s stronghold, a fortress of pure ice called the Pale
Tower, and faced Nazhena’s apprentice, Radosek Pavril, a
skilled winter witch in his own right. Only after Radosek
was defeated could our heroes save their hometown of Heldren
and shut down the winter portal. With the portal closed,
our heroes found themselves trapped in Irrisen, compelled
by magical geas to find Baba Yaga, and figure out what happened
to her…


Reign of Winter Graham St.

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