Reign of Winter Graham St.

The Chasm: Part 2: Adlet it Be

We were reeling still from the icy rider that attacked us and brought us so close to an early, and cold grave — so we decided to make camp and rest for a time.

This was not a wise decision.

In the night, likely due to our poor planning and the fact that we rested on what seemed to be an “ice road”, a humanoid wolf creature called an “Adlet” found us and began attacking us during our first watch. Bartand Errol Cask were the only two members of the party who first saw it, and Bart took the first 12 seconds of a biting, stabbing monstrous humanoid’s combat. As the life almost left him, Errol joined the fray and began hacking at it’s lupine form.

By this time, Rados Ellart, Hustwic Himdall, and Val Urvalane were roused from their recuperative slumber and set to the task of keeping us alive. Rados healed Bart, and judged the Adlet with Torag’s fury. Errol slashed. Hurstwic rose late, his old bones stiff from the cold of it all — and began bathing the area in a divine light (courtesy of Milani, of course) that healed our wounds in record time.

Val launched a bolt of necromantic energy intended to sap the Adlet’s life energy, but Errol was hit instead, and became somewhat less of the fighter he was moments before. As the life sapped from him, he rolled his eyes at our witchy friend — and began to withdraw from combat.

Hurstwic came to the rescue, with a spell that required much concentration and time, and restored Errol to fighting strength while Rados and Bart fumbled their way away from the hailstorm the Adlet had summoned. Bart slipped on ice, and almost fell off the side of the chasm, almost sharing the fate of the ice rider we fought the day before.

Eventually Val put a powerful enough hex on the beast to put it to sleep. He flew to where it was floating in the sky, atop an invisible stair, and carried it down, where Bart slit it’s throat with a precision that only he could bring to bear against it’s hulking body.

Bart’s knife still wet with Adlet blood, we looked forward, to Artrosa. To Baba Yaga. To home!

~Rados Ellart


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