Reign of Winter Graham St.

The Fight At The Chasm

Or: Rados is increasingly useless, our Witch is not

We travelled along the path to Artrosa, across a wide chasm of ice and snow. Along it, we came upon a rider in dark platemail and a horned helm, atop a great elk. Eridiggia was shaken at the mere sight of him — perhaps she has heard or seen this rider before? He charged us, and wanted combat. We gave it to him. He summoned hail and snow to aid him, and although Errol was struck mightily many times, the magicks of our healers proved stronger than his weapons. He seemed to have the ability to ride the elk alongside ice walls vertically – and Val, our winter witch, took this as an opportunity to knock him clean off the wall, and the side of the cliff face. He fell, his mouth wide and gasping, but no sound at all escaping from it.

We can only assume he is dead — or perhaps he never lived in the first place.

We pressed on and made camp at the top of a nearby hill, where we wait to find the monument of Artrosa.

~ Rados Ellart


Oh yea. This is awesome.

The Fight At The Chasm
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